Signing off, at least for now

captain’s blog, Stardate 69786.0

Well friends, this is it. This blog has covered a lot of ground and explored a lot of territory. Topics of discussion include the Cosmic Calendar, the theory of relativity, groundbreaking new research in astrophysics, and aliens. Lots of talking about aliens.

But I think the most important thing I’ve learned from this blog and from studying astronomy is that the Universe is enormous. What we know about how we got here is enough to convince anyone just how unbelievable the scope of the Universe is. The incredible part is, there’s much more we don’t know than what we do know. But for me personally, this is the fun part of astronomy — the impossible task of trying to understand the biggest possible scope.

So, speaking of the biggest possible scope, this video is not directly related to astronomy, but a personal favorite of mine. I’ve watched this video dozens of times, and it seems to never get old because it concisely presents some massive ideas. If you think it’s interesting, confusing, or full of crap, comment with your thoughts!

To all my followers out there, amongst the stars, it’s been a great ride.

captain Phil,
signing off, at least for now

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